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Project Update 7: The need to know or/and search – is curiosity the right word?

I recently came across a tweet from an adoptee regarding the concept of curiosity and adoption. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore, but it made me think. If I remember right, he/she argued that it is not curiosity that makes … Continue reading

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Project Update 4: The 3 THINGS that are HELPING care-experienced young people COPE with difficult experiences in their lives

Care-experienced young people often have to deal with a range of negative experiences and difficult/challenging emotions, which many of their peers might not have to deal with (e.g. abandonment, rejection, birth family histories of alcohol/drug abuse and domestic violence). In … Continue reading

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The digital media and young people’s social relationships

Digital technologies have changed the ways in which we relate to each other, work and play, and might have even altered who we are.  These changes are happening rapidly. The online and offline world are starting to feel interconnected, especially … Continue reading

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Young people’s sense of belonging: The importance of ‘family practices’

Feeling of belonging to a family is likely to be very important for the young people in our study at this early adulthood stage of their lives. We will be asking questions in relation to this key issue when we … Continue reading

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Friends, pets, and social workers: who is important in young people’s lives and why

We are social beings, and relationships are crucial. We need other people to help and support us in different ways throughout our lives, from birth to old age: to take care of us and give us affection when we are … Continue reading

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