UpToDate Anywhere now available to QUB students and staff

UpToDate Anywhere is now available to QUB students and staff. This will be of particular interest to the School of Medicine.

UpToDate clinical decision support helps you to get evidence-based answers to your clinical questions at the point of care.

Access via the Library website:

Go to www.qub.ac.uk/lib and search the Library Catalogue for UpToDate – click the Resource link for access.

Alternatively, go directly to UpToDate’s catalogue record https://encore.qub.ac.uk/iii/encore_qub/record/C__Re1000887 and click the Resource link there.

You can also access UpToDate via the Library’s Databases A-Z: http://libguides.qub.ac.uk/az.php?a=u

Get the mobile app now — it’s easy:

  1. While on the QUB network, go to http://queens.ezp1.qub.ac.uk/login?url=https://www.uptodate.com/contents/search and click the register link on the top right to create your username and password.
  2. Download and install the free mobile app through app store
  3. With the username and password you can also use UpToDate on any internet-enabled computer, even outside the University network.

This account is linked to Queen’s University Belfast. To keep your account active, simply login on a QUB computer every 90 days to maintain benefits.

Here’s what you get with UpToDate Anywhere:

  • Easy access to UpToDate remotely (outside of the University’s network),
  • Free continuing education credits (CME) when you research a clinical question using UpToDate onsite or remotely – including on your mobile device
  • More than 10500 topic reviews from 25 specialties
  • More than 1500 Patient Education materials
  • More than 30000 graphics for presentations
  • What’s new section with the most important updates from your own specialty

If you have any questions about UpToDate, please contact your Subject Librarian.

If you are experiencing technical problems with UpToDate, please email:  customerservice@uptodate.com

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