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statistaStatista is now available for on campus use until 16th March.

The Library is not in a position to subscribe to the service but if you have any feedback please email

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Statista is the largest and most extensive statistics platform of its kind in the world, with access to over 1.5 million data sets (adding up to 500 extra per day) with revenue forecasts from 2015 to 2020 on over 400 industries. Also many thousands of downloadable reports, studies and dossiers.

Statista provides huge breadth coverage of data relating to most subject areas. Creating all this for you is a team of over 140 statisticians, database experts, analysts and editors.

Statista provides students, faculty and researchers with an innovative, time saving and intuitive tool for researching quantitative data and statistics aggregating from 18,000 sources and on 75,000 different topics. 

NEW– In-depth comprehensive and interactive databases on the global Digital and Consumer markets

  • Statista‘s Digital Market Outlook offers forecasts, detailed market insights and key performance indicators for the most important areas of the Digital Economy, including various digital goods and services.

Statista’s industry reports, with more central Europe and UK this year, are intended to provide the facts needed to understand an industry. The reports are clearly structured, easy to understand and present not only numerical data on areas such as trends in turnover and revenue, but also on industry strengths and weaknesses.  Updated annually, these reports contain the most recent and relevant data.

Statista’s dossiers are in-house reports which contain the most recent and relevant statistics concerning a single subject.  These reports are compiled in accordance with the most regularly searched-for terms, meaning that users can be provided with dossiers on specific topic areas. In PowerPoint format, Statista’s dossiers serve as research facilitators for users wishing to gain a rapid but comprehensive insight into a topic. Regular updates and routine additions ensure that Statista’s 3,000 dossiers are always up to date.

If a user is interested in a more in-depth insight into the overall context of a subject and finds that individual statistics aren’t sufficient, Statista’s study database can help. With numerous studies from market researchers, governmental institutions and businesses, sourced from over 600 industries, Statista’s study database provides users with the chance to access detailed information on an array of topics.

Here is some feedback we have had so far from the existing customers and how we differ from other providers  –

  • “Topic and subject breadth is very wide, which caters for all staff/students”
  • “User stats are constantly high”
  • “Functionality of the platform is very intuitive”
  • “Huge time saver then searching for data / downloading powerpoints / source articles online”
  • “The Research Service is a great add on if we can’t find the data we need or we need to expand on a particular statistic, then Statista will generally be able find it for us within 48 hours”


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