Database of the Month: Nexis UK

Nexis UK

Worldwide newspaper coverage from the past forty years.

Newspapers are a rich information source and can also raise the quality of the research in many academic areas. Contemporaneous reports of an incident, reported in a reputable news source quickly become sources for historical research; how a new law is received, how political events change a country, what impact financial markets have on a society…

Newspapers can inform, inspire, confirm, contextualise.

Nexis UK provides access to a wide range of news and business sources.

Nexis UK contains over 20,000 full-text sources including 12,500 news sources, local, national and international, (local newspapers include the Belfast Telegraph; Irish News and Belfast Newsletter) and a huge range of company, financial and industry sources. The database also includes access to a variety of trade and professional business journals.

It is possible to search groups of sources (for example, UK Broadsheets, Major World Newspapers) or an individual publication. Coverage is from the 1980s onwards and is updated daily.

A range of tutorials to help you use the database effectively is available from the Help link on the Nexis website.

Nexis is available from the main catalogue and is also listed on the newspaper area of the LibGuides. Take time to explore the databases of older newspapers and periodicals on the same page.

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