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The Library makes every effort to hold the key texts that are on reading lists.

If you are a student, and after checking the Library catalogue, you find the Library does not hold a book title on your reading list then you can submit a request to purchase the book. This can be done by either sending us a book form or emailing the details to your Subject Librarian.

The Librarian responsible for your school will receive the request. If they think it is appropriate and book funds are available they will order the book, however funds are limited and so the Library may not be able to purchase every request. We will get back to you once we’ve received your request and let you know what action is going to be taken.

It can take anything from two weeks to several months for a book to arrive and be available for borrowing so in the meantime you could try the following:

  • check the catalogue to see if another book would be useful. You can search by keyword, author and title.
  • check the Readings Online available for your Module, there may be useful scanned journal articles and book chapters. To access these, just select the relevant Module in Queen’s Online look under ‘Library Links’ and you will see any scanned readings attached to that module.

If you have any further queries about reading lists or Readings Online please contact your subject librarian by clicking on the relevant guide.

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