Comply with HEFCE’s Open Access Policy for the REF

HEFCE’s Open Access Policy for the REF applies to papers accepted from the 1st April 2016. Researchers are required to make their journal articles and conference proceedings (with an ISSN) open access in order to be eligible for REF submission.

To help you comply, we’ve created the following step by step checklist.

1. Create a Pure record and fill in your publication details.

image 12. Add the date of acceptance to the record. This allows us to identify the papers the HEFCE policy applies to.

image 2

3. Upload the accepted manuscript within 3 months of publication.

image 3

4. Add a DOI (digital object identifier) if your paper has one.

image 4


For further help look at the Pure Deposit Guide, or our blog posts on avoiding duplicate records and recording multiple publication dates in Pure.

If you have any more queries please look at our Open Access LibGuide or contact the Open Access team.


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