Preventing Duplicate Records in Pure

Are you a researcher adding research outputs to the university’s institutional repository, Research Portal? If so, please help the Open Access Team to avoid duplicate records.

Duplication of Pure records occurs when an author adds a research output that has already been added by a co-author.

Taking the following steps will help to reduce duplication:

1. Before adding a record to Pure, select Research Output and use the search box at the top of the page to search by title for your article, conference paper, poster, etc. You will first of all have to temporarily remove the ‘My content’ filter so that you may search across all content in Pure.


2. If a co-author has already added your research output to Pure, check that you are   included as one of the authors. You can upload a document to the existing record and this will be flagged for validation by the Open Access Team.

If your name is missing, use the ‘Mine – claim content’ feature to alert us. We will do the rest.


3. If you have searched Pure for your research output and it hasn’t already been added, use the “Add New” button to create a record or import your record from a bibliographical database such as Scopus or PubMed.

If importing a record from a bibliographic database Pure will alert you if a duplicate exists so that you can avoid creating one.

If manually creating a record, Pure will alert you if the record already exists by displaying the message ‘View possible duplicates’ beside the title field.


You can click on this message to view the other record(s) that already exist and this will let you assess if a genuine duplicate is being created. If so, please exit the new record without saving it. This can be done by clicking the ‘x’ button on the top right of the record.

Sometimes the ‘View possible duplicates’ alert is triggered by a distinct but similarly worded publication. In that scenario, carry on creating the new record and save it.

4. If you create a Pure record it is possible to update that record when further publication dates become available; you do not need to create a new publication record; For example, if you initially add a Pure record when your paper has been accepted, you will need to update the record with additional publication details when the paper is published in a volume and issue.

Updating a record is simple, just open the record and make any changes to the metadata that you require. Remember to use the blue ‘Save’ button when closing the record.

For further information on different publication states take a look at our blog on recording the different stages of publication.

If you need more information on open access at Queen’s, please see our Open Access LibGuide, email us at or follow us on Twitter.


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