How to record the different stages of publication for your Journal Article in Pure

Pure offers the option to record the different stages of publication for an article. More than one date can be added and we encourage you to enter all the dates you have. In particular from 1st April 2018 the Open Access Policy for REF2021 requires you to deposit the accepted manuscript version of all journal articles in a subject or institutional repository within 3 months of acceptance (previously within 3 months of publication). It is particularly important therefore that the date on which your article was accepted for publication is recorded on the Pure record so we can identify the records that the policy applies to.

The following are some guidelines to use when creating a Pure record.

publication status1

In the publication status section there are a number of options:

  • In Preparation –  this is when you are preparing an article for submission. When an article is marked as ‘In Preparation’ it is not checked or validated by the Open Access Team and does not appear on the Research Portal.
  • Submitted – the date you submitted your article to a journal for consideration.  This publication state does not appear on the Research Portal.
  • Accepted  – the date an article has gone through peer review and been accepted for publication but has not yet been assigned a volume and part. This is the most important date to add as it lets us identify the records that the Open Access Policy for REF2021 applies to.
  • Early online date  – the date a journal article appears online but before it has been assigned a volume and part.
  • Published – select published when the article has been assigned a volume and issue /part. For journals that only publish online they usually assign just an article number and volume.
  • Unpublished – this is rarely used but may be selected for a working paper

All these dates can now be added to the Pure record. Click on the Add Publication status and date.. button to add a further entry:

publication status3

For further information or assistance with depositing, check out our Pure Deposit Guide  or our  Open Access LibGuide

If you have any further queries please contact the Open Access team.


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