Uploading research presented at a conference to Pure

There are various templates to use if you are presenting research at a conference and wish to upload a record to Pure. This is a brief guide on choosing the correct template.

Chapter in Book/Report/Conference Proceeding – Conference contribution:


  • Use this template if the paper presented at a conference has been published as an article in a Conference Proceedings.
  • The Proceedings publication will usually have an ISSN or ISBN and publication date.
  • Include the title of the Proceedings publication in the host publication field.
  • It is helpful if the conference details (e.g. title, location, date) are added in the event field.

Contribution to Conference


  • Use this template if you have presented a Paper, Poster, Abstract or Other Contribution at a conference but it is not published in a Proceedings.
  • Select the template (e.g. paper) which best reflects your research output.
  • An event can be added to give details of the conference attended.
  • If possible it is helpful if a URL link to the conference, conference programme or abstract is added in ‘Other links’.
  • Once the research has been presented select the ‘Published’ option in the Publication state drop down menu. Use the date it was presented at the conference
  • If you are uploading a record that is for a conference that has not yet happened select the ‘Accepted’ option in the Publication state drop down menu.

If you upload a record and the Open Access Team feels a different conference template would enhance the record we will make this change and notify you via an automatic message. If you wish to discuss this change please contact the Open Access team.

For further information or assistance check out our Open Access LibGuide.


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4 Responses to Uploading research presented at a conference to Pure

  1. Paula Reimer says:

    Thanks for the helpful instructions on conference contributions in PURE. One question I still have is whether to upload conference papers & posters where I am not the first author. If so, then would the authors names go in the abstract?

    • Open Access Team says:

      Thanks Paula for your comment and your questions. You can indeed upload conferences and posters, even if you are not the first author. Don’t worry about including the author information in the abstract box, simply add all the authors to the ‘Authors and affiliations’ field within Pure, in order of contribution. The Open Access Team will check your record before validating it and will contact you if there are any issues. Feel free to email us at openaccess@qub.ac.uk if you have any further questions.

  2. Raffaele Vinai says:

    Thanks for the useful guidance. I have a question: it might happens that a contribution in a conference is accepted as poster presentation, however a full article (extended or short) is required and it is included in the proceedings. How I have to classify that: poster or article?
    Many thanks, Raffaele

  3. Open Access Team says:

    Thanks Raffaele for your question. Unfortunately, there is not a perfect template for this situation. However, because it will be published, you could choose the ‘Conference Proceeding > Conference Contribution’ template. This will allow you to include the publication details, the event, and you could also attach a copy of your poster and/or the accepted version of your article to the documents.
    The Open Access Team will check your record anyway before validating it and will contact you to discuss possible changes if appropriate. Feel free to email us at openaccess@qub.ac.uk if you have any further questions.

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