LibGuides Upgrade

Updated 28.7.2015 To clear your cache, in Internet Explorer 11, click the gear wheel in the top right of your window, choose Safety, then Delete browsing history.

Make sure that the Preserve Favorites website checkbox is unchecked and that Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data checkboxes are checked as shown below, then click the Delete button.

Clear Cache

Updated 27.7.2015 If you have cleared your cache and you still do not see the page below when you visit LibGuides, you may need to refresh the page. This issue appears to be due to network caching and we expect that it will be resolved within 24 hours.

We have upgraded our LibGuides pages. We have a fresh new look and you can expect to see neat new features soon but you can still find all the information you need on searching library resources. If you don’t see the page below you may need to clear your browser cache. If you experience any difficulty using the pages please contact your Subject Librarian.LibGuides V2

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