ChemSpider – new web resource for chemists

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched ChemSpider, a new database for all chemists. It is freely available to everyone at or through the RSC website, and also through the library’s catalogue and through Online Resources and QSearch.

At present ChemSpider links together nearly 25 million compounds from across the web and provides free text and structure search access to millions of chemical structures. It builds on almost 400 data sources by adding additional properties and new related information, and there are also links to original data sources. Structures and sub-structures can be searched for and all validated synonyms are included. ChemSpider can help to integrate all this available information with users’ own findings. The SyntheticPages, CS/SP, cover reactions.

The database is expanding daily and the RSC is encouraging chemists to contribute their own structures, spectra and syntheses for inclusion and peer review. Registration is required for anyone wanting to become a depositor or curator.

For further information, please contact Joan Whitaker, ext.6270.

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