Monitoring round shows advantages of Devolution

North Down DUP Assembly Member, Peter Weir MLA has welcomed the contents of the December Monitoring Round. As part of the Monitoring Round, the DUP Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds today announced a range of measures including:
£20million to the Farm Nutrient Management Scheme £4.0million for Schools Maintenance £2.5million for Roads Structural Maintenance £1.8million for Public Transport Capital Works £15million for tackling Fuel Poverty £1.6million for Children’s Funds £2.6million for Youth Workers £1.5million for DARD for Animal Health schemes
Mr. Weir said:
“Anyone who doubted the value of devolution should examine closely the recommendations of the December Monitoring Round. The fact that a locally accountable minister was in post at Stormont making these decisions means that they can be responsive to the needs of the community in a way that some fly-by-night direct ruler, with their own English, Scottish or Welsh constituency never could.
The contents of the Monitoring Round represent an investment in the people of Northern Ireland. We have a government at Stormont and people are looking to that government to deliver for them and help in these very trying times. Today’s range of packages unveiled by the Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds show what’s best about devolution – tailoring governmental processes and initiatives to local needs, in order that they can bring maximum benefits to the people of Northern Ireland.
What is clear is that Northern Ireland is benefiting from having devolution at Stormont. A return to direct rule would be a retrograde step to inactive government which cannot and does not respond to the needs of the people. I believe that all those who will be benefiting from today’s announcements ranging from the farmers, through to the pensioners and the young people who will see the positive impact of these developments on the ground in their communities will reject the siren voices calling for a return to direct rule. Devolution is clearly good for Northern Ireland in a way direct rule could never be.”

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