The DUP Leader Rt. Hon. Peter Robinson MP MLA has congratulated Arlene Foster on her successful election to Fermanagh District Council. The DUP Leader said,
“I would like to congratulate Arlene Foster on her excellent result in the Enniskillen by-election. This is an outstanding victory for the DUP in an area which returned four nationalists and only three unionists at the last Council elections. This result demonstrates that the DUP is still the lead Party in Northern Ireland and the only unionist Party which can defeat Sinn Fein. This is consistent with recent polls carried out across the Province.
Arlene’s successful election represents the best result for the DUP in this electoral area in our entire history with an increase in our share of the vote by more than 2% compared to the excellent 2005 result.
Those who have sought to undermine the DUP have been given their answer by the people of Enniskillen. The increase in the combined share of the unionist vote represents growing confidence within the unionist community, and it is a sign that even in areas where nationalists are in the majority the DUP can go in and win. It demonstrates that if unionists work together in this constituency and further afield we can deliver a victory. Today’s result is a vindication of the DUP’s policy on ensuring that effective government is delivered for the people of Northern Ireland.”

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