Responding to comments from Jim Allister, Peter Weir said:
“Question-evader Jim Allister seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that Sinn Fein not getting their way over Policing and Justice Powers is a bad thing. We do not. Thanks to the negotiating efforts of the DUP, we have a veto on the devolution of Policing and Justice Powers. There will be no movement on this issue until such times as there is sufficient confidence within our community to allow devolution to occur. It is sad to witness Mr. Allister doing Sinn Fein’s work of attacking fellow-Unionists and spreading Republican propaganda rather than turning his wrath on those at fault – Sinn Fein. That’s says a lot about where his priorities lie.
The alternative forms of government that Mr. Allister has advocated are continued Direct Rule, which would deliver for Sinn Fein on a plate, those things which we have vetoed at Stormont – an Irish Language Act, the abolition of academic selection and increased North-South co-operation or a single super-council governing all of Northern Ireland, which would also include Sinn Fein. His specious arguments are fooling nobody and his constant attacks on other Unionists are as boring as they are predictable.”

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