Dodds Urges European Leaders to Respect Outcome of Lisbon Vote in Irish Republic

Nigel Dodds MP, MLA said:

“Whilst the free nations of the world quite rightly condemn the outrageous manipulation of democracy displayed by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, French President Sarkozy and his allies in the other European states are in danger of showing a similar disregard for the democratic process by refusing to recognise the quite legitimate rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the electorate of the Irish Republic. Henry Ford once famously said of his cars, “you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black”, and, by asserting that the Irish Republic might need to hold a second vote, President Sarkozy is essentially telling the Irish people that they can vote in whatever way they want as long as it’s for the Lisbon treaty! In the face of such bullying tactics and warped logic, it’s little wonder his short visit to the Irish Republic has descended into a French farce.
The Lisbon Treaty represents an extremely serious threat to the sovereignty and liberties of the nations of Europe. However, as a result of the Irish vote, it is fatally holed below the water line and must therefore be allowed to sink. In the House of Commons last Thursday, I urged the British Government not to join with other European Governments in their seeming determination to bully the people of the Irish Republic, but instead to abandon this unwanted and undemocratic Treaty. However, given the Government’s refusal to allow a referendum on the issue in the United Kingdom, its desire to be at the heart of Europe, and the Prime Minister’s seeming inability to display decisive and courageous leadership, I am not holding my breath.”

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