George W. Bush Was a Good President For Northern Ireland

DUP Assembly Member for North Down Peter Weir has praised President Bush for his role in Northern Ireland. The DUP Assembly Member said that Mr. Bush has set a good example for future Presidents to follow in their dealings in Northern Ireland.
Speaking today Peter Weir said:
“George W Bush has been an excellent President of the United States as far as Northern Ireland was concerned. Unlike his predecessor in the Oval Office, Mr. Bush adopted an even-handed and balanced approach to Northern Ireland, taking a tough line when necessary. People will remember that his administration placed strong pressure on Republicans to come up to the mark on the issue of decommissioning, going as far as banning Sinn Fein from the White House. The sight of Gerry Adams hawking himself around Irish pubs on the US east coast rather than chin-wagging in the White House left Sinn Fein in no doubt that President Bush would tolerate no prevarication over issues concerning support for democratic principles or the rule of law.
More recently the Bush Administration has been to the forefront of securing US investment in Northern Ireland and has worked closely with the new Northern Ireland Executive to create jobs here. The people of Northern Ireland owe a debt to the individuals that Mr. Bush has sent to represent the United States in Northern Ireland. Richard Haas and Mitchell Reiss worked along with the DUP in forcing the pace of change upon Republicans – our American friends helped us to achieve the goal of getting Sinn Fein to sign up to support policing, the courts system and the institutions of the British state.
The irony of nationalists taking to the streets to protest against a man who has helped us move to the more peaceful situation that we have today, who has encouraged massive investment in our country and who has on numerous occasions actually entertained the self-same nationalists in the SDLP at the White House, will not be lost on ordinary people throughout Northern Ireland. As for the DUP, we salute President Bush and wish him well as he prepares to leave office unlike the hypocritical nationalists who protested against him yesterday whilst happily enjoying his hospitality in the past”, said the DUP MLA.

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