Accessing e-books via the AFBI Library

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Accessing E-books

Your AFBI Library membership gives you access to many E-books.  These can be accessed via the library catalogue, either by searching for a specific title, or by doing a more general search and then refining the results to display only relevant AFBI e-books:

To search for a specific title: enter the exact title into the search box and click search library catalogue, the result will appear with an online access link underneath:

To search for e-books on a particular topic: enter the keywords of your search into the search box and click search library catalogue:

This will generate a Results screen.
In the panel on the left, refine the results selecting the Source Type ‘e-books’.

If you wish, you can then refine further by subject area:

These refinements will limit the results to titles based on your keyword search.

To access a title, click the live link for Online Access or Full text and enter your AFBI username and password when prompted.  This will take you to the full text, via a PDFdownload or via a publisher platform from where you can explore and read the book. The type of access provided varies depending on the publisher and e-book platform.

For openly accessible e-books relevant to AFBI research areas, see also DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) and National Academies Press Free eBooks. These sites can be easily browsed by subject area.

For further information or assistance with finding or accessing e-books, or if there is an e-book you would like us to consider for purchase, please contact the library