AFBI Repository Update

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From the 23rd of January, the AFBI Repository will be using a new version of the DSpace Repository software (DSpace 7) with a new look and feel.

DSpace 7 provides an all-new user interface which is both dynamic and fast for users. DSpace 7 also offers new and improved workflows for Library staff in managing the Repository and ensuring that content can be added and edited quickly and easily. Over time, additional features of DSpace 7 will be available to improve the user experience, including ‘Configurable Entities’ which allows the addition of new item types and creating links between items.

To access the AFBI Repository via the new DSpace 7 interface, go to

Once you have found a record, you can view different fields, such as abstract, description, keywords, and a URL to the published paper.  You can access the full-text (where available) via the link below the ‘Files’ heading:

For further information on the AFBI Repository, please get in touch with the AFBI Library –