Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – April 2024

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Lyons, M., Lahuerta-Marin, A.  

Lyons, M., Brown, T. L., Lahuerta-Marin, A., Morgan, Eric. R., Airs, P. M. 2024. A molecular assessment of Ostertagia leptospicularis and Spiculopteragia asymmetrica among wild fallow deer in Northern Ireland and implications for false detection of livestock-associated species. Parasites & Vectors, 17 (1), Article no. 141  


Scott, A., Cassidy, R. 

Scott, A., Cassidy, R., Arnscheidt, J., Jordan, P. 2024. Soil phosphorus, hydrological risk and water quality carrying capacities in agricultural catchments. Catena, 240, Article no. 107964  


Hunter, W.R 

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Kelly, R. 

Maher, S., Kelly, R., Hodge, S., O’Hora, E., Ruas, S., Rotches-Ribalta, R., Lee, A., White, B., Gormally, M., Moran, J., Ó hUallacháin, D., Stout, J. 2024. Pollinator responses to farmland habitat features: one-size does not fit all. Journal of Pollination Ecology, 35, pp. 29–46. 


Adenuga, A.H., Aubry, A. 

Adenuga, A. H., Crawford, P., Aubry, A., Verner, S., Strain, S., Burgess, S.T.G. 2024. Behavioural Factors Influencing the Intention to Adopt Sheep Scab Control Measures in Northern Ireland. Animals, 14 (6) Article no. 912  


Jiang, W., Shirali, M. 

Jiang, W., Mooney, M. H., Shirali, M. 2024. Unveiling the Genetic Landscape of Feed Efficiency in Holstein Dairy Cows: Insights into Heritability, Genetic Markers, and Pathways via Meta-Analysis. Journal of Animal Science, 102, Article no. skae040 


Murchie, A.K. 

Gastineau, R., Lemieux, C., Turmel, M., Otis, C., Boyle, B., Coulis, M., Gouraud, C., Boag, B., Murchie, A. K., Winsor, L., Justine, J.-L. 2024. The invasive land flatworm Arthurdendyus triangulatus has repeated sequences in the mitogenome, extra-long cox2 gene and paralogous nuclear rRNA clusters. Scientific Reports, 14, 1, Article no. 7840  


Kennedy, R.J., Boyd, A., Allen, M. 

Kennedy, R. J., Barry, J., Boyd, A., Allen, M. 2024. Does phenology influence predation rate on Salmo trutta parr during lake migration? Journal of Fish Biology 


Ford, T. 

Greene, M.K., Smyth, P., English, A., McLaughlin, J., Bucholc, M., Bailie, J., McCarroll, J., McDonnell, M., Watt, A., Barnes, G., Lynch, M., Duffin, K., Duffy, G., Lewis, C., James, J.A., Stitt, A.W., Ford, T., O’Kane, M., Rai, T.S., Bjourson, A.J., Cardwell, C., Elborn, J.S., Gibson, D.S., Scott, C.J. 2024. Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 antibody seroprevalence in Northern Ireland during 2020–2021, Heliyon, 10 (2), Article no. e24184  


Taylor, J., Ball, M. E. E. 

Taylor, J., Mercier, Y., Olukosi, O.A., Kim, W.K., Selvaraj, R., Applegate, T.J., Shanmugasundaram, R., Ball, M.E.E., Kyriazakis, I. 2024. Supplementing low protein diets with methionine or threonine during mixed Eimeria challenge, Poultry Science, 103 (6), Article no. 103714 


McLarney, Y. 

Weyhenmeyer, G.A., Chukwuka, A.V., Anneville, O., Brookes, J., Carvalho, C.R., Cotner, J.B., Grossart, H., Hamilton, D.P., Hanson, P.C., Hejzlar, J., Hilt, S., Hipsey, M.R., Ibelings, B.W., Jacquet, S., Kangur, K., Kragh, T., Lehner, B., Lepori, F., Lukubye, B., Marce, R., McElarney, Y., Paule‐Mercado, Ma.C., North, R., Rojas‐Jimenez, K., Rusak, J.A., Sharma, S., Scordo, F., de Senerpont Domis, L.N., Sø, J.S., Wood, S.A., Xenopoulos, M.A., Zhou, Y. 2024. Global Lake Health in the Anthropocene: Societal Implications and Treatment Strategies, Earth’s Future, 12 (4), Article no. e2023EF004387 


Morrison, S.J., Aubry, A., Yan, T. 

O’ Connor, E., McGovern, F.M., Berry, D.P., Dunne, E., McEwan, J.C., Rowe, S.J., Boland, T.M., Morrison, S.J., Aubry, A., Yan, T., McHugh, N. 2024. Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions from sheep measured using both respiration and portable accumulation chambers, Animals, 18 (5), Article no.101140 


Corcionivoschi, N., McCleery, D. 

Corcionivoschi, N., Balta, I., McCleery, D., Bundurus, I., Pet, I., Calaway, T., Nichita, I., Stef, L., Morariu, S. 2024. Mechanisms of Pathogenic Escherichia coli Attachment to Meat, Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 


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