Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – May 2024

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Higgins, S. 

Heller, O., Bene, C.D., Nino, P., Huyghebaert, B., Arlauskienė, A., Castanheira, N.L., Higgins, S., Horel, A., Kir, A., Kizeková, M., Lacoste, M., Munkholm, L.J., O’Sullivan, L., Radzikowski, P., Rodríguez‐Cruz, M.S., Sandén, T., Šarūnaitė, L., Seidel, F., Spiegel, H., Stalenga, J., Uusi‐Kämppä, J., Vervuurt, W., Keller, T., Vanwindekens, F. 2024. Towards enhanced adoption of soil‐improving management practices in Europe. European Journal of Soil Science, 75 (2), Article no. E13483 


Hunter, E. 

Darnaude, A., Tanner, S., Hunter, E., Costantini, F. 2024. Advancing research in marine functional connectivity for improved policy and management. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 731, pp. 1-8


Kennedy, R., Rosell, R., Barkley, A. 

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Allen, A., Devaney, R., Ardis, T., McNally, C., McCormick, C., Presho, E., Doyle, M., Ranasinghe, P., Ford, T., Thompson, S., Wright, L., Jones, K., Skuce, R. 

Allen, A., Magee, R., Devaney, R., Ardis, T., McNally, C., McCormick, C., Presho, E., Doyle, M., Ranasinghe, P., Johnston, P., Kirke, R., Harwood, R., Farrell, D., Kenny, K., Smith, J., Gordon, S., Ford, T., Thompson, S., Wright, L., Jones, K., Prodohl, P., Skuce, R. 2024. Whole-Genome sequencing in routine Mycobacterium bovis epidemiology – scoping the potential. Microbial Genomics, 10 (2) 


Corcionivoschi, N. 

Constantin, M., Chifiriuc, M.C., Mihaescu, G., Corcionivoschi, N., Burlibasa, L., Bleotu, C., Tudorache, S., Mitache, M.M., Filip, R., Munteanu, S.-G., Gradisteanu Pircalabioru, G. 2024. Microbiome and cancer: from mechanistic implications in disease progression and treatment to development of novel antitumoral strategies. Frontiers in Immunology, 15, Article no. 1373504 


McConville, J., Allen, A., Moyce, A., Donaghy, A., Clarke, J., McInerney, B., Holmes, E. 

McConville, J., Allen, A., Moyce, A., Donaghy, A., Clarke, J., Guelbenzu‐Gonzalo, M., Byrne, A.W., Verner, S., Strain, S., McInerney, B., Holmes, E. 2024. Genotypic analysis of a localised hotspot of Pestivirus A (BVDV‐1) infections in Northern Ireland. Veterinary Record, 194 (10), Article no. E4150 


McCormack, U.M.M., Muns, R., Mulvenna, C., Walsh, M.C., Roger, L., Calvo, E.P. 

McCormack, U.M.M., Muns, R., Mulvenna, C., Walsh, M.C., Roger, L., Calvo, E.P. 2024. 249 A nutritional solution based on calcidiol (25-OH-D3, HyD) and triterpenoid improves growth performance in grower-finisher pigs fed low Ca and P diets without compromising bone health. Journal of Animal Science, 102 (2), pp. 146-147 


McCleery, D., Corcionivoschi, N. 

Imbrea, A.-M., Balta, I., Dumitrescu, G., McCleery, D., Pet, I., Iancu, T., Stef, L., Corcionivoschi, N., Liliana, P.-C. 2024. Exploring the Contribution of Campylobacter jejuni to Post-Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Literature Review. Applied Sciences, 14 (8), Article no. 3373  


Lemon, K., McMenamy, M.J. 

Fusaro, A., Zecchin, B., Giussani, E., Palumbo, E., Agüero-García, M., Bachofen, C., Bálint, Á., Banihashem, F., Banyard, A.C., Beerens, N., Bourg, M., Briand, F.-X., Bröjer, C., Brown, I.H., Brugger, B., Byrne, A.M.P., Cana, A., Christodoulou, V., Dirbakova, Z., Fagulha, T., Fouchier, R.A.M., Garza-Cuartero, L., Georgiades, G., Gjerset, B., Grasland, B., Groza, O., Harder, T., Henriques, A.M., Hjulsager, C.K., Ivanova, E., Janeliunas, Z., Krivko, L., Lemon, K., Liang, Y., Lika, A., Malik, P., McMenamy, M.J., Nagy, A., Nurmoja, I., Onita, I., Pohlmann, A., Revilla-Fernández, S., Sánchez-Sánchez, A., Savic, V., Slavec, B., Smietanka, K., Snoeck, C.J., Steensels, M., Svansson, V., Swieton, E., Tammiranta, N., Tinak, M., Van Borm, S., Zohari, S., Adlhoch, C., Baldinelli, F., Terregino, C., Monne, I. 2024. High pathogenic avian influenza A(H5) viruses of clade in Europe—Why trends of virus evolution are more difficult to predict. Virus Evolution, 10 (1), Article no. veae027  


Taylor, J., Kyriazakis, I. 

Ajao, A.M., Liu, G., Taylor, J., Ball, M.E.E., Mercier, Y., Applegate, T.J., Selvaraj, R., Kyriazakis, I., Kim, W.K., Olukosi, O.A. 2024. Phase-specific outcmes of arginine or branched-chain amino acids supplementation in low crude protein diets on performance, nutrient digestibility, and expression of tissue protein synthesis and degradation in broiler chickens infected with mixed Eimeria spp., Poultry Science, 103 (7), Article no. 103811  



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