New Books – December 2022 to February 2023

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December 2022 – February 2023 

E-books that have recently been purchased by the Library are included in the list below as links.  You can access them by clicking on the title, then entering your AFBI Library username and password.  You will then be taken to the publisher platform in which the e-book is hosted.

For print books, either call into the library or contact us at

Don’t forget you can suggest books for purchase, please contact the library at with the details.



RYA VHF handbook / Bartlett, M., 2009

Presenting science concisely / Kirchoff, B., 2021

Bridging research disciplines to advance animal welfare science: A Practical Guide / Camerlink, I., 2022



Enzymes in farm animal nutrition / Bedford, M.R. et al, 3rd ed., 2022

Practical precision livestock farming: hands-on experiences with PLF technologies in commercial and R & D settings / Banhazi, T. et al, 2022

Book of abstracts of the 70th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science / EAAP Scientific Committee, 2019

Book of abstracts of the 71st Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science / EAAP Scientific Committee, 2020

Book of abstracts of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science / EAAP Scientific Committee, 2021

Book of abstracts of the 73rd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science / EAAP Scientific Committee, 2022

Preslaughter handling and slaughter of meat animals / Faucitano, L., 2022

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level / Boyle, L. and O’Driscoll, K., 2021

Precision agriculture ’21: papers presented at the 13th European Conference on precision agriculture / Stafford, J.V., 2021

Ensilage / Mitrik, T., 2021

Selenium in pig nutrition and health / Surai, P.F., 2021

Animal lives worth living; Proceedings of the 53rd Congress of the ISAE / Newberry, R.C. and Braastad, B.O., 2019

Buildings and structures for agriculture. Pt 22. Code of practice for design, construction and loading.
BS 5502-22:2003+A1:2013 / British Standards Institute, 2013



Plants for soil regeneration: an illustrated guide / Pinhey, S. and Tebbs, M., 2022

Using R for digital soil mapping / Malone, B.P. et al, 2017

Pedometrics / McBratney, A.B. et al, 2018

Digital soil morphometrics / Hartemink, A.E. and Minasny, B., 2016

Applications of soil physics in environmental analyses: measuring, modelling and data integration / Teixeira, W.G. et al, 2014

Soil carbon / Hartemink, A.E. and McSweeney, K., 2014


Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems

Pacific salmon life histories / Groot, C. and Margolis, L., 1991

Lough Neagh: an atlas of the natural, built and cultural heritage / Burke, W. et al, 2022


Food Research

Food industry 4.0: unlocking advancement opportunities in the food manufacturing sector / Martindale, W. et al, 2022

Waste to food: returning nutrients to the food chain / Smetana, S. et al, 2022

Online platforms: new actors of the food chain: qualification challenges and food information responsibilities / Lattanzi, A., 2022


Grassland and Plant Sciences

Fungicides in practice / Oliver, R.P. and Beckerman, J.L., 2022

Next-generation sequencing and agriculture / Bayer, P.E. and Edwards, D., 2022

Nematodes as model organisms / Glazer, I. et al, 2022

Concepts for understanding fruit trees / DeJong, T.M., 2022


Veterinary Sciences 

Changing human behaviour to enhance animal welfare / Sommerville, R., 2021

Fraser’s the behaviour and welfare of the horse / Riley, C.B. et al, 3rd ed., 2022

Manual of animal andrology / Chenoweth, P.J. and Lorton, S.P., 2022

Emotional well-being for animal welfare professionals / Durson, T., 2022

An introduction to pet dental care: for veterinary nurses and technicians / Istace, K., 2022

Pests and parasites of horses / Machtinger, E. et al, 2022

Vitagenes in avian biology and poultry health / Surai, P.F., 2020