Escaping the ECJ’s jurisdiction by EUXIT?

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Escaping the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is not just one of the goals professed in the White Paper on exiting the EU – it most likely qualifies as one of the Prime Minister’s red lines for any so-called “Brexit Deal”, … Continue reading

The practical implications of the UK Supreme Court´s “Brexit” decision for Northern Ireland (30th January 2017)

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The School of Law at QUB, together with the Centre for Transnational and European Studies, hosted a round-table discussion forum about the “Brexit” decisions of the UK Supreme Court, released on Tuesday, 24th January, concerning the constitutional requirements to trigger Art. 50 TEU.

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Call for Contributions

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TREUP invites blog contributions to its web page by any interested party. We aim at short pieces (500 – 800 words) related to the themes of our action: We aim to generate knowledge and promote critical debate by observing tensions between EU law & policy on the one hand and social, ecological and economic justice on the other hand. We believe that observing from the fringes of the EU – Ireland (NI and RoI) – allows us to perceive tensions more accurately. Contact: or