Call for papers: BREXIT 15 months on – Belfast 23 Sept 2017 – 9:30 – 5 pm

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Our conference aims to discuss the UK’s EUXIT from the perspective of the EU: next to specific UK circumstances, there are shortcomings of EU integration which are perceived beyond this island. One, while the EU integration project set out to improve the living and working conditions throughout the Member States,  integration through elite deliberation threatens to fail in providing social legitimacy for the EU. Second, hopes for the EU as an effective promoter of values such as rule of law and social justice may seem misplaced. Our day conference on 23 September 2017, staged in partnership with Warsaw University Faculty of Law & Administration, starts with a high level panel on the EU’s social legitimacy, staging presentations by Professor Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge), Professor Mary Daly (University of Oxford), and Professor Frank Vandenbrouke, (University of Amsterdam). We invite papers on a wide range of  socio-legal perspectives for the EU and Europe going forward until 24 June (funded speakers) or 30 June (self-funded speakers). The call for papers can be downloaded HERE.

Innovative Approaches to Ecological Sustainability in the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities in a global economic crisis

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Friday 26th May 2017, 12.00- 17.00

Moot Court Room,  Queen’s University Belfast School of Law

This half day event focuses on the concept of ecological sustainability and identifies both the barriers that European Union policy makers face in seeking to achieve this core goal and the opportunities these create to develop innovative solutions. To view the seminar programme, CLICK HERE.

A report of this seminar can be viewed HERE


CALL FOR PAPERS – Sustainable Development in Trade Agreements (11 October 2017, Queen’s University Belfast)

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This TREUP workshop aims to provide law, political science and international relations scholars the opportunity to explore and discuss various issues surrounding the interaction between trade liberalisation and sustainable development in the framework of EU trade agreements. Deadline for abstract submissions Friday 16 June 2017. To view call for papers click here

Revised Call for Papers – Innovative Approaches to Ecological Sustainability in the European Union

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This TREUP research workshop will take place on 26 May 2017 at Queen’s University Belfast. It offers an opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange on the development of innovative approaches that promote the achievement of ecological sustainability within the EU polity. The call for papers can be viewed here. Deadline of submission of abstracts: 28 April 2017


Escaping the ECJ’s jurisdiction by EUXIT?

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Escaping the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is not just one of the goals professed in the White Paper on exiting the EU – it most likely qualifies as one of the Prime Minister’s red lines for any so-called “Brexit Deal”, next to free movement. After all, Court of Justice found some flag ship policies devised under Theresa May as Home Secretary to be incompatible with EU law, lastly -on 21 December 2016 – the Data Retention Regulations, also dubbed “Snoopers’ Charta”. But just how realistic is it to achieve this aim?

In a new CETLS / TREUP occasional paper Professor Dagmar Schiek analyses the extent to which the EU’s association agreements, in particular with states within its neighbourhood, and the new generation of its global trade agreements inaugurated with the Canadian EU Trade Agreement (CETA) allow the UK to avoid the jurisdiction of the Court. She concludes that the chances of the UK to escape the ECJ’s jurisdiction are very slim if the future relationship allows access to the Internal Market.