Academic Conference: “BREXIT” 15 months on – socio-legal perspectives for the EU and Europe

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Saturday 23 September 2017, 9:00 – 17:15 hrs
Queen’s University Belfast, Main Site Tower

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15 months after the UK has lodged its intention to withdraw from the European Union (EU) there is limited information on what exactly the UK wishes to achieve. However, this does and should not prevent the EU from responding to this withdrawal with a programmatic … Continue reading

The European Union in the Wider Europe: Still a Force for Europeanization?

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 Venue: Queen’s University Belfast, Senate Room

 Date and time: 3 November 2017, 1230-1745

This workshop assesses the extent to which the EU is able to promote effectively its norms and constitutional values in neighbouring countries. In exploring the mediating influences over the EU’s Europeanization impact, the presentations and discussion will consider the effectiveness of current mechanisms and strategies for promoting core EU values (e.g. rule of law, human rights, democracy) and consider the future prospects for Europeanization.

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Sustainable Development in Trade Agreements (11 October 2017, Queen’s University Belfast)

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This TREUP workshop aims to provide law, political science and international relations scholars the opportunity to explore and discuss various issues surrounding the interaction between trade liberalisation and sustainable development in the framework of EU trade agreements. The seminar programme can be viewed here. The event is free, but registration is recommended.

Innovative Approaches to Ecological Sustainability in the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities in a global economic crisis

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Friday 26th May 2017, 12.00- 17.00 , Queen’s University Belfast School of Law

This half day event focused on the concept of ecological sustainability, identifying barriers that European Union policy makers face in seeking to achieve this core goal as well as the opportunities for innovative solutions. A report can be viewed HERE