Article 50 Litigation: UK, Northern Ireland & EU Perspectives 29 November 5 pm

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Starting a debate on what litigating on how to start “BREXIT” means from NI, UK and EU law perspectives, this panel discussed the rulings by the High Courts in Northern Ireland (McCord, Re Judicial) and England and Wales (in R (Miller) v Secretary of State). A report of this event can be found here.

Topics of discussion included the question of whether the triggering of Article 50 TEU can take place under the royal prerogative or requires an Act of Parliament, the issue of the legislative consent of the devolved nations, as well as EU law & policy perspectives, including the question on whether the case must be referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union. As the Article 50 disputes have now made their way up to the Supreme Court, the seminar participants also discussed the key issues and arguments that may arise in the context of these proceedings. The debate continued with a panel on the UK Supreme Court ruling in 2017.


Professor Chris McCrudden (Queen’s University Belfast)

Dr Alex Schwartz (Queen’s University Belfast)

Professor John Morrison (Queen’s University Belfast)

Professor Dagmar Schiek (Queen’s University Belfast)

Chair: Dr Billy Melo Araujo (Queen’s University Belfast)


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