The practical implications of the UK Supreme Court´s “Brexit” decision for Northern Ireland (30th January 2017)

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The School of Law at QUB, together with the Centre for Transnational and European Studies, hosted a round-table discussion forum about the “Brexit” decisions of the UK Supreme Court, released on Tuesday, 24th January, concerning the constitutional requirements to trigger Art. 50 TEU.

A number of experts  introduced different perspectives about the practical implications of this critically important case and, in particular, what it means for devolved government in Northern Ireland now and in the future, relations with the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, the implications for human rights and the Peace Process, and the role of Northern Ireland in the “Brexit” negotiations.


Professor Stephen Tierney (Edinburgh)

Professor Brendan O’Leary (U. Penn)

Professor John Temple-Lang (TCD)

Professor Daniel Halberstam (Michigan)

Professor Gordon Anthony (QUB)

Professor Christopher McCrudden (QUB),

Professor Dagmar Schiek (QUB).

These interventions were followed by an extensive period for Questions and Answers, and discussion. This event was sponsored by the British Academy, the QUB School of Law, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Tensions at the Fringes of the European Union” and the Human Rights Centre at the School of Law.


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