Northern Ireland at the Edge – what next after “BREXIT” (15 Sep, 13:50)

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This half-day event focused on the consequences of the UK’s future relationship with Ireland, north and south, including the potential of the EU’s external border crossing the island of Ireland, options for maintaining EU membership and potential lessons from Liechtenstein, Greenland and Switzerland. A joint endeavour with the Royal Irish Academy and “The UK in a Changing EU”.  Video podcasts of the main points, a report and a policy paper are now available.15 September conference final reportPolicy brief Northern Ireland at the Edge what next after BREXIT
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After the referendum – what next for the EU and the UK? (29 June, 12:30)

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On 24 June the result of UK’s EU referendum was announced: a slim majority voted LEAVE, while majorities in Northern Ireland and Scotland favoured “REMAIN”. TREUP offered a public debate with its principal investigator, the co-investigators and two collaborators, filling a room to bursting and receiving more than 300 views on a live stream. A report on the event can be accessed here:  After the Referendum – what next for EU & UK – 29 06 16

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Mobility & Equality in the EU: Friend or Foe? (7 June, 13:00)

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Does Free Movement of Persons in the European Union remain a fundamental principle of the EU? Or will the EU betray its principles and abandon equal treatment of free moving citizens? These were the themes of our afternoon seminar chaired by Professor Dagmar Schiek (QUB) with a  keynote by Professor Catherine Barnard, Cambridge University. A report of the event can be accessed here: 7 June Mobility and Equality summary report. Four papers have been published as working papers, of which two grew into journal articles.

The Principle of (In)Equality in EU Labour Migration Law, Margerite Zoeteweij
published in European Labour Law Journal, Volume 8 (2017), issue 1 (

Roma EU citizens – Caught Between EU and Member States, Cristina Juverdeanu

Revision of the Posted Worker’s Directive: Equality at Last?, Rebecca Zahn
published in  Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies Vol 19 (2017) –

Local Communities and the Protection of Rights for Intra-EU Migrants: Lessons Learned from Wales before the EU Referendum

They also appear in the CETS on-line paper series.

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Northern Ireland Affairs Committee published report on UK referendum

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The House of Common’s Select Committee has concluded its enquiry on Northern Ireland and the EU referendum with a report which identifies the impact “in key areas such as the economy, agriculture and the border with the Republic” of a potential withdrawal of the UK from the EU. The report is available here.

The EU Referendum & Northern Ireland: ask the experts (7 June,18:30)

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In the run-up to the UK referendum on continued EU membership, opinions were divided and very pronounced. Most agreed that this was one of the most important decisions in this decade for the electorate to take. We invited the general public to reflect on the EU referendum and put questions to experts from Queen’s and beyond.  A full report of the event is available now.  … Continue reading

Revisiting Intersectionality for EU Anti-Discrimination Law in an Economic Crisis

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On 1 April 2016, Professor Dagmar Schiek was a key-note speaker at the conference “‘Resistance, Backlash and Power: Gender Equality and Feminist New Practice in EU and Global Discourse’ International Symposium, staged by the European Union Centre Network New Zealand (EUCN NZ) and hosted by the University of Canterbury. A summary of the Symposium can be found here, and some more information can be downloadedhere.