Upcoming ‘Pre-modern Cosmopolitanisms’ seminar

Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities
Cosmopolitanisms, Pre- to Postmodern research group
Friday March 28th, 4.00-6.00
Old Staff Common Room
Pre-modern Cosmopolitanisms seminar
This postgraduate-led seminar will explore the utility or otherwise of cosmopolitanism as an interpretative framework for understanding cultural encounter in the medieval and early modern world.  The colloquium will be facilitated by Professor Anthony Bale (Birkbeck), whose research has explored Christian ideas about Jews and Judaism and Western representations of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages.
For details, email student facilitators Natalie Calder (ncalder01@qub.ac.uk) and Margaret Tedford (mtedford01@qub.ac.uk).  For details on the research group, contact Dr Stephen Kelly (s.p.kelly@qub.ac.uk).

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