Dr Sinead O’Sullivan

Lecturer in Medieval History

Sinéad O’Sullivan was an undergraduate at University College Cork and postgraduate there and at Universität Konstanz and Oxford University. She was a Rhodes Scholar at St Anne’s College, Oxford, completing a D.Phil on Carolingian and Ottonian intellectual history. She joined the School of History and Anthropology at Queen’s in 2005.

Her research interests are in early medieval European intellectual history. Sinéad’s main focus has been on the glossing traditions of the early Middle Ages. Her first study resulted in an edition of the late Carolingian glosses on Prudentius’ Psychomachia as found in the German manuscript tradition (Brill, 2004). Currently she is doing an edition of the earliest commentary on Martianus Capella’s De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii. She is involved in an international project to produce a digital edition of this commentary, directed by Mariken Teeuwen, Constantijn Huygens Institute, The Hague, and in 2006 held a research fellowship at the Scaliger Institute at Leiden University to further this project. She has also worked and published on the patristic background to Aldhelm’s De Virginitate.

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