Holly Shipton

Broadly speaking, I study the relationship between the environment and the economy of Ireland in the Middles Ages. I explore the way in which environmental factors, such as soil and climate, affected and determined agrarian decision-making in the south and east in the late 13th c. My PhD is supervised by Dr James Davis, Dr Patrick Gleeson, and Dr Sparky Booker.

I was far from the ideal student during my years at school (or later if I am being honest) but history was always the subject I engaged with and loved, and it was always medieval history which sparked the greatest interest. I went on to study History at the University of Lincoln (2016-2019) where I focused on the medieval modules. I then did my MA in Medieval Studies, also at UoL, where I started researching the manorial economy of medieval Ireland for my dissertation. I won the Lincoln Record Society award for Best MA Medieval Dissertation in 2020 and I consequently was asked to write a summary of my work for their seasonal review.

Outside of my research, and university in general, I am a big lover of reading, gaming, and Dungeons and Dragons.