Medieval Cultures Seminar Series, Semester One 2011-12

Here is the Medieval Cultures seminar list for semester one, 2011-12. All seminars take place every Friday at 4pm in Room 101, 16 University Square, unless otherwise stated, and all are welcome.

Friday 7th October

Stephen Kelly (QUB), ‘God’s Insomniacs: relics and the religious (re-)turn in medieval studies’

Friday 14th October

Mark Gardiner (QUB), ‘The politics and domestic life of Sir John Scott, Yorkist courtier’

Tuesday 18th October at 5.00pm

Theresa O’Byrne (Notre-Dame), ‘’A Tale of Two Scribes: Scribal Education and Careers in Fifteenth-Century Dublin’

Friday 21st October

Sandor Chardonnens (Radboud University Nijmegen), ‘Mantic alphabets: Where dreams and letters meet’

Friday 4th November

James Davis (QUB), ‘Common Foundations: Local and Retail Trade in the Medieval World’

Wednesday 9nd November, 3pm, 01-009 Elmwood Building (nb. *not* ELTC!).

Joint Seminar with SSC (GAP) – Michele Campopiano (University of York), ‘Space representation and measurability in the 12th century: the works of Guido da Pisa’

Friday 18th November

Gregory Toner (QUB), ‘The dead testifies against the living: telling the past in early medieval Ireland’.

Friday 25th November

Daniel Brown (QUB), ‘Hugh de Lacy in exile, 1210-21’

Friday 2nd December

Sinead O’Sullivan (QUB), ‘Perspicuity and Obscurity in early medieval glosses on Martianus’s De nuptiiis’

Friday 9th December

David Falls (QUB), ‘Power and Patronage: Fifteenth-Century Textual Cultures and the ‘Lancastrian Spiritual Aristocracy’

Friday 16th December

Christmas Quiz

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All welcome.


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