Distance Learners Survey – You said, we did

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Library Services Distance Learners survey.  The aim of the survey was to find out levels of satisfaction with Library services, access to resources and support being provided to this group.  There was a high percentage of overall satisfaction among Distance Learners however the comments received did give some insight on what areas could be improved. 

As a result:

  1. The Library has created an online guide from which Distance Learners can find key information on the services available to them.
  2. The Library is undertaking to create some introductory online tutorials to help distance learners become familiar with how best to use library resources to search for relevant information and literature.  These will be available from the Libguide mentioned in point 1.
  3. The Library is investigating if it is possible to provide a document supply service to this group.
  4. The Subject Librarian will send an email, via the School, at the beginning of your course introducing the support they offer and outlining key support tools available.
  5. The Library is going to be working with the relevant Schools to ensure the Libguide and online tutorials is integrated into student handbooks.

Unfortunately some suggestions received are outside the control of the Library.  There was a suggestion of having a partner programme with overseas libraries through which Distance Learners could borrower from a library nearby.  Unfortunately there is no such programme but students might wish to investigate with other libraries in their local area if they provide any type of membership such as QUB’s Associate Membership scheme.

Update January 2020: A Library group is currently investigating the possibility of initiating a document delivery service in the new academic year for PG Taught students, including distance learners. We will keep you updated as to progress as and when we can.

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