Documents, DOIs and URLs on Pure: what should I add to be REF-ready?

Are you a researcher recently accepted for publication in a journal or a conference proceedings with an ISSN?

If so, you are subject to Research England’s new rules requiring the upload of accepted manuscripts to Pure within 3 months of early online publication in order to be eligible for submission to the next REF.

It is important that all researchers understand exactly what is meant by uploading the accepted manuscript.

In each Pure record created, you can use the following button to add files and links:


If you are publishing via the Green Open Access route, use the Add Document button to upload your accepted manuscript to the Pure record and satisfy HEFCE requirements. The accepted manuscript is the finished accepted article, including any changes from peer review, but prior to publisher formatting being applied.

Papers published via the  Gold Open Access route are exempt from the 3 month deposit requirement, but you are still encouraged to upload your final paper via the Add Document button as a best practice and a way of enhancing your online research profile.

You should also add your accepted paper’s unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) when available. In the absence of a DOI, addition of the abstract page URL is a helpful alternative. Either will point users of the Research Portal towards the online published version of the paper, though full access may be restricted exclusively to the host journal’s subscribers.

In summary, if you want to make sure you’re REF-ready:

always use ‘Add document/DOI/URL’ and upload your accepted manuscript no later than 3 months after publication.

for best practice, also use ‘Add document/DOI/URL’ to provide a DOI or URL.

For a step-by step guide to uploading documents to Pure, please visit our Deposit Guide.

If you need more information on open access at Queen’s, please see our webpages, email us at or follow us on Twitter.

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