Are you choosing the right journal for post-2014 REF compliance?

As HEFCE has mandated Green Open Access for the next REF, it is important to choose the right journal for you.

Most journals from major publishers permit authors to deposit an accepted manuscript version (post-print) of their article into an institutional repository and make it open access (known as ‘green open access’), therefore complying with the HEFCE policy.


  • Read the copyright transfer/publication agreement the journal offers you at acceptance. This should detail the journal’s open access policy. Look for keywords such as ‘open access’ ‘self-archiving’ or ’embargo’ to help you find the relevant information about open access.
  • Check the SHERPA/RoMEO database for information about your journal. If the journal is compliant, it will have a green tick mark next to ‘Author’s post-print’. If you click on the links next to ‘Copyright’ you can explore the copyright policies of the publisher further. This can include any embargos that might apply and further terms and conditions for self-archiving.

For further information or assistance contact our Open Access Team by emailing , we are happy to investigate the journal’s policy for you, or check out our Open Access LibGuide.


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