Cultural Diversity at Queen’s

The Launch of Cultural Diversity at Queen’s Survey

At Queen’s we are committed to celebrating cultural diversity, equality and inclusion among our communities. The iRise Network and The Language Centre invite you to join us to set up a planner of events, including invited talks and culture/language-related festivals and days that we can celebrate in a range of ways (e.g. culture talks, posters, taster sessions/workshops, performances) at Queen’s and elsewhere.

We value the richness of languages and cultures brought in by staff and students to Queen’s and would welcome all international and domestic colleagues and students, iRise members in particular, to share your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm of your linguistic and cultural events so that we can build up a repertoire and make plans for joint celebrations on our multicultural campus. 

To take part in the survey, just scan the QR code above or click the Survey button below.
Please check the list below to avoid repetition.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Queen’s calendar

Autumn Block (Sep-Dec)Mid-Autumn Festival (date varies)
International Day of Sign Languages (23/09)
European Day of Languages (26/09)
International Translation Day (30/09)
World Teachers’ Day (05/10)
Diwali (date varies)
Black History Month (Oct)
Global Diversity Awareness Month (Oct)
Halloween (31/10)
Day of the Dead (31/10-02/11)
International Day for Tolerance (16/11)
International Students’ Day (17/11)
International Volunteer Day (05/12)
World Arabic Language Day (18/12)
Christmas / New Year (25/12 – 01/01)
Spring Block (Jan-Apr)Chinese New Year (date varies)
International Mother Language Day (21/02)
SNAG (01-17/03)
International Women’s Day (08/03)
UN French Language Day (20/03)
International Nowruz Day (21/03)
Holi (25/03/2024)
Ramadan (date varies – 10/04/2024)
M-Fest (13/04/2024)
Tamil New Year (14/04)
UN Chinese Language Day (20/04)
UN English / Spanish Language Day (23/04)
The Sound of Language Festival (TBC)
Summer Block (May-Aug)World Portuguese Language Day (05/05)
Plurilingual Recipe Writing Competition (06/05/2023)
The Songs from Spring Concert – Singing with Chinese Poetry (06/05/2023)
Qulture Night (20/05/2024)
World Day for Cultural Diversity (21/05)
UNESCO Africa Week (25-29/05)
UN Russian Language Day (06/06)
Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival (date varies)
LC-iRise Social and Wellbeing Event (22/06)
International Day of Friendship (30/07)
Belfast Mela (date varies)
Please note that this programme is provisional and work-in-progress,
with input from Cultural Diversity Survey and valid online source
that focus on language and culture-related festivals and days.

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