Qulture Shock

Qulture Shock, an annual cultural extravaganza organised by Queen’s International Students’ Society (QISS), has become the largest student-led cultural showcase in Queen’s, providing with an opportunity to share and celebrate the culture of the international student body.

Qulture Shock consists of two events – Qulture Roadshow and Qulture Night. Through these events, the organisers and contributors would like to instill cultural awareness and sensitivity within Queen’s and encourage cross-cultural collaboration among international student societies and with the general public as well.

The Qulture Roadshow consists of booths set up by student societies and individuals within QUB to inform people about various aspects of the history and culture of their home country, including traditional games, costumes, musical instruments, crafts and many more.

Qulture Night is where we celebrate our differences and rejoice in our unity. Dinner will also be accompanied by performances of theatres, dances, and music, portraying an array of cultures from around the globe.

Qulture Shock Celebrations

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