Qulture Shock 2024

Happy World Day for Cultural Diversity!

Queen’s International Student Society has celebrated another year’s Qulture Shock on 20th May 2024 in Europa Hotel, with Qulture Roadshow and Night combined.

It was a great event that brought one a whirlwind of culture, delicious food, awesome lucky draws, and the chance to make lifelong friendships within the cherished QUB community! It also coincided with the World Day for Cultural Diversity (21st May).

QUB staff Liang (left) and Dimuth (right) at the Qulture Night photo corner | Photo credit: TianpengYAO

It was a fantastic night, full of fun and a vibrant multicultural atmosphere under one roof. More importantly, it was a great opportunity for me to expand my network within QUB.

Dimuth atapattu, Project manager, qub d&is

Qulture Roadshow Zone | Photo credit: LiangWang
Programme of performances at a glance | Photo credit: LiangWang

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