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QUB Canvas Roadmap

The QUB Roadmap process has continued to develop from the inception on Canvas within the University in 2018.

In early 2022 upon reflection on the then current request based process the Education Committee Student Experience Group Endorsed the process should progress to a requirement based process, which aligns with Institutional Priorities.

The Updated process allows for a higher level and holistic approach. Requirements are prioritised on a Value-Exposure based matrix where by the Faculties raising the requirement will score its value based on a set of agreed criteria. The DLSSS team will then analyse these in priority order.

Note: Requirements may not be fulfilled by a solution within Canvas, the DLSSS team will explore a number of avenues to provide users with the most appropriate outcome.

Contact Details

For further information on the process at Faculty Level please e-mail your local representatives with “Canvas Roadmap” in the subject at:

AHSS: Richard Summerville, Laura Farling & Kirsty Gillen

EPS: Shelby Hanna, David Cutting & Tom Dore

MHLS: Marian Traynor, Maurice Hall & Dan Corbett (e-mail TBC)

Previous iterations of the Canvas Roadmap have resulted in a number of enhancements to the Universities instance of Canvas. These enhancements included improvements to the platform which required development and integrations of 3rd party tools and applications which support teaching, learning and assessment.

Previous enhancements that have been requested are listed below including those which were not executable:

Available Integrations/ Enhancements

Not Available

Enhancements in progress / on hold are as follows:

In Progress / On Hold

Instructure release a number of new functionalities periodically. View the upcoming releases expected in the next few months