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Hands holding a speech bubble with the words 'Canvas has implemented a new gradebook with new features'

The New Canvas Gradebook

What's available?

1. Save time and increase efficiency

The Grade Detail Tray allows you to easily click through all assignments for a student and view or change grade, status, and comments. View detailed information on the Grade Detail Tray.

2. Set grading rules with late and missing submission

This will allow you to automatically deduct points or set a detail grade with the Late Submissions Policy. View detailed information on Setting a Late Submission Policy.

3. Control grade visibility

Staff are able to set a Grade Posting Policy for either the whole module or per-assignment in terms of having the grades ‘hidden’ or ‘posted’ to students by default. ‘Hidden’ and ‘Posted’ replace the previous ‘Mute’ and ‘Unmute’ terminology . The posting policies can be set to automatic or manual.
View detailed information on Setting a Grade Posting Policy.

4. Leverage visual indicators

For easier course grading through custom colour status, icons and assignment filters used to provide information about assignments and submissions.