Five Reasons why you should join a Club or Society

SU Clubs & Societies are a huge part of university life, not only are they great for socialising- they can add to your CV too.

1. Make New Friends

Clubs & societies are an amazing way to meet new like-minded people. Their main function is to be social, from running events to bringing people together, they are one of the best ways to integrate into university life and meet new people so make sure you join at least one!

2. Learn A New Skill

There are some really niche clubs & societies, like Surfing, Eurovision, Underwater Hockey and KPop Dance. You don’t need any experience to join clubs & societies and they’re a great way to try something new with no expectations, so if you’ve ever wanted to try something but not had chance to, now is the time!

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3. Looks Good On Your CV

Clubs & societies give you a great opportunity to get involved in management as they need at least 4 members of management in different areas so you can get some experience for your CV. If you’re part of a Club or Society’s Executive Team you’ll get a Degree Plus Accreditation at the end of your degree! There are also lots of academic societies that are really useful to be involved in if you choose to go into those areas for your career.

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4. Social Life

Clubs & societies run events throughout the year from nights out to coffee and karaoke. Many of the clubs and societies also meet weekly so not only are they a great way to make friends but they’re an excuse to get out of the house and have some (cheap) fun.

5. You’ve Got Nothing To Lose

One of the best things about clubs & societies is that they are non-committal, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and unless you’re a member of the university sports teams, you can pick and choose when you’re active. Clubs & societies really are come as you are and give what you can. So why not give them a go, and if you change your mind later no harm done.

How Do I Join?

You can join a club or society at any time of the year, at any point through your degree, whether you’re a 1st-year undergrad or doing your PhD. You can find all the information here to join them or you can also message the club or society on social media to get signed up via a committee member.

What if I can’t find a club or society for me?

If there isn’t a SU Club or Society for you you can make your own! You only need 15 interested students and then you’re set!

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So, what are you waiting for? Take this as your sign to get involved with a SU Club or Society.

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