You Said, We Did! (Customer Journey Map 2021 – 2022)

In December 2021, we conducted a Customer Journey Map (CJM) with a member of The Healthcare Library of Northern Ireland.  In advance of the session, they booked an Individual Study Room in our branch at QUB Medical Biology Centre to avail of the new parent/child booking option and bring their little boy with them on the day. 

While completing the booking, and, during their visit, they noted several issues that could have made their experience better:

  1. The room booking confirmation email did not mention the parent/child option and noted that maximum occupancy was only for 1 person – this was felt to be confusing
  2. There was no seat for a child in the room and they had to leave the room to ask for one

Following this exercise, and the very valuable insights and recommendations the customer provided on the day, the email booking confirmation was changed to reflect the parent/child occupancy option and child size chairs were purchased for the two Individual Study Rooms and are now in situ.

If you too would like to book the same facility, just select one of the Individual Study Rooms under the Group Study Room Booking – Biomedical Library option in the Service Applications menu at

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