VEBO: a vertex- and edge-balanced ordering heuristic to load balance parallel graph processing (Poster)

This work proposes Vertex- and Edge-Balanced Ordering (VEBO): balance the number of edges and the number of unique destinations of those edges. VEBO balances edges and vertices for graphs with a power-law degree distribution, and ensures an equal degree distribution between partitions. Experimental evaluation on three shared-memory graph processing systems (Ligra, Polymer and GraphGrind) shows that VEBO achieves excellent load balance and improves performance by 1.09× over Ligra, 1.41× over Polymer and 1.65× over GraphGrind, compared to their respective partitioning algorithms, averaged across 8 algorithms and 7 graphs. VEBO improves GraphGrind performance with a speedup of 2.9× over Ligra on average.

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