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Hans Vandierendonck is a Professor in High-Performance and Data-Intensive Computing in the school of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at Queen’s University Belfast. He is Director of the Centre on Data Science and Scalable Computing (DSSC) in the Institute for Electronics, Communications and Information Technology. His research interests are in compilers, runtime systems and architectures for parallel systems with special attention to the programmability of such systems. Hans also has a vested interested in computer architecture, and particularly in cache architecture, prediction and performance evaluation. He has co-authored over a 100 papers and has supervised PhD dissertations of 4 students, one of whom, Dr Jiawen Sun, is finalist in the EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers competition. Hans received the IBM Belgium Prize for Computer Science in 2000 for his graduation thesis on “Bank prediction in multi-bank caches” and in 2004 for his PhD dissertation on “Avoiding mapping conflicts in microprocessors”. His graduation thesis also received the Jozef Plateau prize from the Alumni Engineers Ghent in 2000. Hans was finalist in the 2004 Championship Branch Prediction competition.

Hans is a Senior Member of IEEE, a Senior Member of ACM, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers. He served as Programme Track Chair for Track 9 at Euro-Par 2017, Financy Chair for IEEE CLUSTER 2018, Student Travel Grant Co-Chair for HPCA 2016, publicity chair for the HiPEAC conference 2009 and for ISCA 2010. He has served on programme committees of major conferences in computer architecture and high-performance computing, including ISCA, SC, ICS, CCGrid, IPDPS, ICPP, DATE and Euro-Par. He regularly reviews for journals and transactions, including ACM TACO, IEEE TC, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TSE, IEEE Micro, ACM TOPLAS, ACM ToDAES, Wiley CCPE, Elsevier JPDC, Elsevier Parallel Computing, Elsevier JSA, and Elsevier Sustainable Computing.

Prior to joining Queen’s, Hans was Fellow with the Research Foundation Flanders and placed at Ghent University. He was visiting researcher at the Foundation for Reseach and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) in the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems Laboratory in 2010-2011. He was visiting researcher in the Amdahl’s Law is Forever (ALF) team at INRIA Rennes in 2005 and he was visiting researcher at the Departament d’Arquitectura de Computadors at the Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya in 2001.

ResearcherID: C-6729-2016
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Research Projects

Current Projects

  • DiPET: Distributed Stream Processing on Edge Systems via Transprecise Computing (gowweb)
  • Kelvin-2 (gow
  • SoftNum: Software-Defined Number Formats: Bridging the Gap between Performance, Accuracy, and Security (EC Marie Curie Fellowship, cordis)
  • LINAS: The Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Algorithmic Solutions (website)
  • RAPID: ReAl-time Process ModellIng and Diagnostics: Powering Digital Factories (gow)
  • Asynchronous Scientific Continuous Computations Exploiting Disaggregation (ASCCED) (gow)
  • RELAX Doctoral Network: Relaxed Semantics Across the Data Analytics Stack (Marie Curie Doctoral Network – recruiting soon!) (cordis)

Past Projects

PhD Students

Graduated (showing subsequent position)

  • Sean Rul, Ghent University, 2010, McKinsey and Company
  • Ahmad Hassan, Queen’s University Belfast, 2016, SAP UK Ltd
  • Charalampos Chalios, Queen’s University Belfast, 2017, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
  • Jiawen Sun, Queen’s University Belfast, 2018, The University of Edinburgh
  • Konstantin Bakanov, Queen’s University Belfast, 2020, TSYS Payment Solutions
  • Mohsen Koohi Esfahani, Queen’s University Belfast, 2022, Eurecom


Research Fellows and Assistants

Past (showing subsequent position)

  • dr Sharatchandra Varama Bogaraju, Lecturer, Ulster University, 2019
  • dr Giorgis Georgakoudis, Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, 2018
  • dr Bin Wang, Research Fellow, Ulster University, 2018
  • Mahwish Arif, Research Assistant, Cambridge University, 2018
  • dr Baharak Ahmaderaghi, Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, 2019
  • dr Lev Mukhanov, 2020
  • dr JunKyu Lee, 2022


  • dr Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow
  • dr Brian Dandurand, Research Fellow
  • dr Romain Garnier, Research Fellow

Selected Publications

Graph Processing

Transprecise and Approximate Computing

Parallel Programming, Languages and Runtimes

Memory Management and Non-Volatile Memory

Machine Learning

Committee Membership

  • PPoPP 2024 | Finance Chair
  • e-Energy 2023 | Publications Co-Chair
  • Euro-Par 2022 | Co-Chair Track 7 Parallel and Distributed Programming, Interfaces, and Languages
  • CLUSTER 2018 | Finance Chair

Programme Committee Membership