Queen’s University Belfast Library Service Achieves Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Accreditation

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Queen’s University Belfast’s Library Service are proud to announce its recent accomplishment in achieving another successful year of accreditation from the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard. This year, the Library has surpassed its previous high standards, earning an additional two ‘compliance plus’ elements, taking its total to an unprecedented 27, out of a total of 57, that meet the highest standard awarded by CSE.

“There are now 27 elements that carry the distinction of compliance plus, something that is unique in this assessor’s experience,” said the CSE assessor in their report. This exceptional achievement is the result of the tireless dedication and commitment of our teams at The McClay Library, The Medical Library, The Biomedical Library, and AFBI Library.  This is a testament to the hard work, commitment and dedication of our staff at Queen’s University Belfast.

The assessor also noted that the Library “continued to show significant improvements in service to customers, in terms of improved procedures and a great willingness on the part of staff to understand and meet the needs of the many and varied customer groups”

The CSE assessment areas include Customer Insight, Culture of the Organisation, Information and Access, Delivery, and Timeliness & Quality of Service.  The Library has demonstrated significant improvements in service to customers, displaying improved procedures, and an unwavering commitment to understanding and fulfilling the needs of our diverse customer groups.

This achievement reflects our persistent focus on delivering excellent customer service and our drive to exceed customer expectations. We look forward to further enhancing our service delivery and setting new benchmarks in the pursuit of excellence in customer service.  We are grateful to everyone involved in helping us achieve this standard, whether you are a customer, a partner in the service we provide, or a member of library staff. When we have asked you to complete surveys or provide us with feedback, you have done this, and this has meant that we can use your feedback and comments as a driver for continuous improvement.

For more information on the CSE standard, please click here.