Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – January 2024

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Burgess, D. 

Yousofpour Y., Abolhassani L., Hirabayashi S., Burgess D., Sabouhi Sabouni M., Daneshvarkakhki M. 2024. Ecosystem services and economic values provided by urban park trees in the air polluted city of Mashhad. Sustainable Cities and Society101, Article no. 105110 


Chacko Kaitholil S.R., Aubry A., Shirali M. 

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Corcionivoschi N. 

Vigh A., Criste A.D., Corcionivoschi N., Gerard C. 2023. Rumen Solubility of Copper, Manganese and Zinc and the Potential Link between the Source and Rumen Function: A Systematic Review. Agriculture-Basel, 13 (12), Article no. 2198  


Finlay D. 

Barlow A.M., Tingvoll S., Gover E., Schock A., Finlay D. 2024. Botulism in Two Juvenile Wild Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Somerset, England, UK. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 60 (1), pp. 229 – 231 


Higgins S. 

Jordan-Meille L., Denoroy P., Dittert K., Cugnon T., Quemada M., Wall D., Bechini L., Marx S., Oenema O., Reijneveld A., Liebisch F., Diedhiou K., Degan F., Higgins S. 2023. Comparison of nitrogen fertilisation recommendations of West European Countries. European Journal of Soil Science, 74 (6), Article no. E13436  


Lyons G., Wills M. 

Tisocco S., Weinrich S., Lyons G., Wills M., Zhan X., Crosson P. 2023. Application of a simplified ADM1 for full-scale anaerobic co-digestion of cattle slurry and grass silage: assessment of input variability. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering, 18 (4), Article no. 50  


Patterson, D. 

Gebresenbet, G., Bosona, T., Patterson, D., Persson, H., Fischer, B., Mandaluniz, N., Chirici, G., Zacepins, A., Komasilovs, V., Pitulac, T., Nasirahmadi, A. 2023. A concept for application of integrated digital technologies to enhance future smart agricultural systems. Smart Agricultural Technology, 5, Article no. 100255 


Schuchert P. 

 Walker N.D., Ouréns R., Ball J.E., Van Der Kooij J., Uriarte A., White J., Carpi P., Schuchert P., Nash R.D.M. 2023. Defining sustainable and precautionary harvest rates for data-limited short-lived stocks: a case study of sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in the English Channel. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 80 (10), pp. 2606 – 2618 


Takahashi T. 

Airs P.M., Tinsley J.H.I., Mvula W., Ventura-Cordero J., Takahashi T., Nalivata P., van Wyk J.A., Morgan E.R., Safalaoh A.C.L. Prevalence of Plastic and Hardware Foreign Bodies among Goats at Malawi Markets. Animals, 14 (1), Article no. 147