New Books – May to November 2022

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E-books that have recently been purchased by the Library are included in the list below.  You can access them by clicking on the title, choosing the ‘AFBI Online Resource’ link, then entering your AFBI Library username and password.  You will then be taken to the publisher platform in which the e-book is hosted. 

For print books, either call into the library or contact us at 
Don’t forget you can suggest books for purchase, please contact the library at with the details. 



Remotely engaging: how to reach new audiences by breaking out of the conference centre / Shepherdly, M. and Cook, P.,  2016

Fundamentals of data visualization:  a primer on making informative and compelling figures / Wilke, C.O., 2019



Ensilage:  illustrated manual for the expert and beginner alike / Matrik, T.,  2020

NorFor – the Nordic feed evaluation system / Volden, H.,  2011



Living with climate change:  how communities are surviving and thriving in a changing climate / Bullock, J.A. et al,  2016

Environmental and resource costs under Article 9 of the Water Framework Directive:  challenges for the implementation of the principle cost recovery for water services / Gawel, E., 2016


Economics Research

The governance of agriculture in post-Brexit UK / Antonopoulos, I. et al,  2022

Methodology for social sciences research in agriculture / Kumar, K.N.R. and Reddy, M.J.,  2016


Food Science 

Microbiology of the food chain: horizontal method for the enumeration of microorganisms.  Part 1.  Colony count at 30⁰C by the pour plate technique.  BS EN ISO 4833-1:2013+A1:2022 / British Standards Institute, 2022

Microbiology of the food chain: horizontal method for the enumeration of microorganisms.  Part 2.  Colony count at 30⁰C by the surface plating technique.  BS EN ISO 4833-2:2013+A1:2022 / British Standards Institute, 2022


Grassland and Plant Sciences 

The wild flower key: how to identify wild flowers, trees and shrubs in Britain and Ireland / Rose, F., Rev. ed., 2006

Advances in Trichoderma biology for agricultural applications / Amaresan, N. et al,  2022

Arthropod collection and identification:  field and laboratory techniques / Gibb, T.J. and Oseto, C.Y., 2006


Statistical Services

Statistical tables for biological, agricultural and medical research / Fisher, R.A. and Yates, F.,  6th ed., 2021(?)


Veterinary Sciences

Through a vet’s eyes: how we can all choose a better life for animals / Wensley, S., 2022

Performance standards for antimicrobial disk and dilution susceptibility tests for bacteria isolated from animals / Lubbers, B.V. et al, 5th ed., 2020

Veterinary technician’s handbook of laboratory procedures / Bellwood, B. and Andrasik-Cotton, M., 2014

Wilson and Walker’s principles and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology / Hofmann, C. and Clokie, S., 8th ed., 2018

Disk diffusion reading guide:  quick guide M02QG / Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute