Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – February 2022

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Baral, K.R.

Baral, K.R., Jayasundara, S., Brown, S.E., Wagner-Riddle, C.  2022.  Long-term variability in N2O emissions and emission factors for corn and soybeans induced by weather and management at a cold climate site.  Science of the Total Environment, 815, Article No. 152744


Butucel, E., Balta, I., Corcionivoschi, N.

Butucel, E., Balta, I., Ahmadi, M., Dumitrescu, G., Morariu, F., Pet, I., Stef, L., Corcionivoschi, N.  2022.  Biocides as biomedicines against foodborne pathogenic bacteria.  Biomedicines, 10 (2), Article No. 379


Cassidy, R., Higgins, A., Doody, D. 

Okumah, M., Martin-Ortega, J., Chapman, P.J., Novo, P., Cassidy, R., Lyon, C., Higgins, A., Doody, D.  2022.  The role of experiential learning in the adoption of best land management practices.  Land Use Policy, 105, Article No. 105397


Cottney, P., Black, L., White, E.

Cottney, P., Black, L., Williams, P., White, E.  2022.  How cover crop sowing date impacts upon their growth, nutrient assimilation and the yield of the subsequent commercial crop.  Agronomy, 12 (2), Article No. 369.


Faulkner, D.V., Cantley, M.L., Crooks, S.R.H.  

Faulkner, D.V., Cantley, M.L., Kennedy, D.G., Elliott, C.T., Crooks, S.R.H.  2022.  MRM3-based UHPLC-MS/MS method for quantitation of total florfenicol residue content in milk and withdrawal study profile of milk from treated cows.  Food Chemistry, 379, Article No. 132070


Ferris, C.P., Watson, S., Gordon, A.W., Barley, J. 

Ferris, C.P., Watson, S., Gordon, A.W., Barley, J.  2022.  Physical and economic performance of dairy cows managed within contrasting grassland-based milk production systems over 3 successive lactations.  Journal of Dairy Science, Ahead of Print


Fornara, D., Ball, E.M.E.

Fornara, D., Ball, E.M.E., Mulvenna, C., Reyer, H., Oster, M., Wimmers, K., Poulsen, H.D., Rosemarin, A.  2022.  Soil and plant responses to phosphorus inputs from different phytase-associated animal diets.  Agronomy, 12 (1), Article No. 130


Kennedy, R., Rosell, R.

Green, A., Honkanen, H.M., Ramsden, P., Shields, B., del Villar-Guerra, D., Fletcher, M., Walton, S., Kennedy, R., Rosell, R., O’Maoileidigh, N., Barry, J., Roche, W., Whoriskey, F., Klimley, P., Adams, C.  2022.  Evidence of long-distance coastal sea migration of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, smolts from northwest England (River Derwent).  Animal Biotelemetry, 10, Article No. 3


Kennedy, R.

McGlade, C.L.O., Dickey, J.W.E., Kennedy, R., Donnelly, S., Nelson, C.-A., Dick, J.T.A., Arnott, G.  2022.  Behavioural traits of rainbow trout and brown trout may help explain their differing invasion success and impacts.  Scientific reports, 12 (1), Article No. 1757


Livingstone, D., Lyons, G., Johnston, C.

Livingstone, D., Smyth, B.M., Lyons, G., Foley, A.M., Murray, S.T., Johnston, C.  2022.  Life cycle assessment of a short-rotation coppice willow riparian buffer strip for farm nutrient mitigation and renewable energy production.  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 158, Article No. 112154


Lundy, M.G., Beggs, S.E., de Castro, F., Schuchert, P.

Bentley, J.W., Lundy, M.G., Howell, D., Beggs, S.E., Bundy, A., de Castro, F., Fox, C.J., Heymans, J.J., Lynam, C.P., Pedreschi, D., Schuchert, P., Serpetti, N., Woodlock, J., Reid, D.G.  2022.  Refining fisheries advice with stock-specific ecosystem information.  Frontiers In Marine Science, 8, Article No. 602072


McKillen, J.

Iqbal, H., Wright, C.L., Jones, S., da Silva, G.R., McKillen, J., Gilmore, B.F., Kavanagh, O., Green, B.D.  2022.  Extracts of Sida cordifolia contain polysaccharides possessing immunomodulatory activity and rosmarinic acid compounds with antibacterial activity.  BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, 22 (1), Article No. 27


Muns, R.

Montoro, J.C., Pessoa, J., Solà-Oriol, D., Muns, R., Gasa, J., Manzanilla, E.G.  2022.  Effect of phase feeding, space allowance and mixing on productive performance of grower-finisher pigs.  Animals, 12 (3), Article No. 390


Muns, R.

Mota-Rojas, D., Villanueva-García, D., Solimano, A., Muns, R., Ibarra-Ríos, D., Mota-Reyes, A.  2022.  Pathophysiology of perinatal asphyxia in humans and animal models.  Biomedicines, 10 (2), Article No. 347


Olagunju, K.O., Angioloni, S., Wu, Z.

Olagunju, K.O., Angioloni, S., Wu, Z.  2022.  How has the 2013 decoupled payment reform affected farmland rental values in Northern Ireland?  Land Use Policy, 112, Article No. 105829


Samuel, A., Sherry, E., McIlroy, J. 

Samuel, A., Sherry, E., Misselbrook, T., McIlroy, J.  2021.  The cost of reducing ammonia from agriculture: farm-gate estimates and policy considerations.  EuroChoices, 20 (3), pp. 34-41


Tiley, A.M.M., Murchie, A.K.

Soldi, E., Fuller, E., Tiley, A.M.M., Murchie, A.K., Hodkinson, T.R.  2022.  First Report of the Ash Sawfly, Tomostethus nigritus, established on Fraxinus excelsior in the Republic of Ireland.  Insects, 13 (1), Article No. 6