Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – January 2021

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Balta, I., Linton, M., Pinkerton, L., Kelly, C., Corcionivoschi, N. 

Balta, I., Linton, M., Pinkerton, L., Kelly, C., Stef, L., Pet, I., Stef, D., Criste, A., Gundogdu, O., Corcionivoschi, N. (2021) The effect of natural antimicrobials against Campylobacter spp. and its similarities to Salmonella spp, Listeria spp., Escherichia coli, Vibrio spp., Clostridium spp. and Staphylococcus spp.  Food Control, 121, article no: 107745.


Campbell, E.L., Byrne, A.W., Porter, S.

Campbell, E.L., Menzies, F.D., Byrne, A.W., Porter, S., McCormick, C.M., McBride, K.R., Scantlebury, D.M., Reid, N. (2020) Grazing cattle exposure to neighbouring herds and badgers in relation to bovine tuberculosis risk.  Research in Veterinary Science, 133, pp. 297-303.


Campbell, E.L., Byrne, A.W., Milne, G.,

Campbell, E.L., Byrne, A.W., Menzies, F.D., Milne, G., McBride, K.R., McCormick, C.M., Scantlebury, D.M., Reid, N. (2020) Quantifying intraherd cattle movement metrics: Implications for disease transmission risk.  Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 185, article no: 105203.


Chen, X.

Lage, C.F.A., Räisänen, S.E., Stefenoni, H., Melgar, A., Chen, X., Oh, J., Fetter, M.E., Kniffer, D.M., Fabin, R.A., Hristov, A.N. (2021) Lactational performance, enteric gas emissions, and plasma amino acid profile of dairy cows fed diets with soybean or canola meals included on an equal protein basis.  Journal of Dairy Science, Article in Press.


Ferris, C.

Wathes, D.C., Cheng, Z., Salavati, M., Buggiotti, L., Takeda, H., Tang, L., Becker, F., Ingvartsen, K.I., Ferris, C., Hostens, M., Crowe, M.A. (2021) Relationships between metabolic profiles and gene expression in liver and leukocytes of dairy cows in early lactation.  Journal of Dairy Science, Article in Press.


Hawe, S.J., Gordon, A., Muns, R., Magowan, E. 

Hawe, S.J., Scollan, N., Gordon, A., Muns, R., Magowan, E. (2020) Impact of feeding low and average birthweight pigs on a weight basis post-weaning on growth performance and body composition.  Livestock Science, 241, article no: 104233.


Katongole, C.B., Yan, T.

Katongole, C.B., Yan, T. (2020) Effect of Varying Dietary Crude Protein Level on Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Milk Production, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency by Lactating Holstein-Friesian Cows.  Animals, 10 (12), article no: 2439.


Lemon, K., Duffy, C., McMenamy, M., Cosby, S.L.

Johnston, D., Kim, J.W., Taylor, J.F., Earley, B., McCabe, M.S., Lemon, K., Duffy, C., McMenamy, M., Cosby, S.L., Waters, S.M. (2021) ATAC-Seq identifies regions of open chromatin in the bronchial lymph nodes of dairy calves experimentally challenged with bovine respiratory syncytial virus.  BMC Genomics, 22, article no: 14.


Livingstone, D., Lyons, G., Johnston, C.

Livingstone, D., Smyth, B.M., Foley, A.M., Murray, S.T., Lyons, G., Johnston, C. (2020)  Willow coppice in intensive agricultural applications to reduce strain on the food-energy-water nexus.  Biomass and Bioenergy, 144, article no: 105903.


Muns, R.

Montoro, J.C., Boyle, L.A., Sola-Oriol, D., Muns, R., Gasa, J., Manzanilla, E.G. (2021)  Effect of space allowance and mixing on growth performance and body lesions of grower-finisher pigs in pens with a single wet-dry feeder.  Porcine Health Management, 7, article no: 7.


O’Hanlon, R.

Oulghazi, S., Sarfraz, S., Zaczek-Moczydłowska, M.A., Khayi, S., Ed-Dra, A., Lekbach, Y., Campbell, K., Moleleki, L.N., O’Hanlon, R., Faure, D. (2021) Pectobacterium brasiliense: Genomics, host range and disease management. Microorganisms, 9 (1), article no: 106.


Olagunju, K.O.

Ogunniyi, A.I., Omotoso, S.O., Salman, K.K., Omotayo, A.O., Olagunju, K.O., Aremu, A.O.  (2021) Socio-economic Drivers of Food Security among Rural Households in Nigeria: Evidence from Smallholder Maize Farmers.  Social Indicators Research, Article in Press.


Olave, R.J., Meehan, E.J.

Olave, R.J., Kelleher, C.T., Meehan, E.J., Delêtre, M. (2021) Growth and genetic predisposition of induced acorn production in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L) within 15 years of planting.  Forest Ecology and Management, 482, article no: 118904.


Rao, J.R.

Malnarcic, C.M., Millar, C.B., Rao, J.R., Moore, J.E. (2020) Quality of generic ciprofloxacin at travellers’ destinations. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 38, article no: 101747.


Rice, A.R., Cassidy, R.

Rice, A.R., Cassidy, R., Jordan, P., Rogers, D., Arnscheidt, J. (2021) Fine-scale quantification of stream bank geomorphic volume loss caused by cattle access.  Science of the Total Environment, 769, article no: 144468.


Smyth, V.J. 

Adebiyi, A.I., Oluwayelu, D.O., Smyth, V.J. (2021) Serodetection of astroviruses in runted commercial broilers and turkeys in southwest Nigeria.  Veterinary Research Communications, 45 (1), pp. 41-45.


Yan, T.

Yang, C., Yan, T., Sun, Y., Hou, F. (2021) Shrub cover impacts on yak growth performance and herbaceous forage quality on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China.  Rangeland Ecology and Management, 75, pp. 9-16.


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