Six Tips for Exam Preparation  

Getting ready for exams? Here are some tips to help you prepare:   

Start Early 

Give yourself plenty of time to absorb the information you need for your exams. It might be difficult to make the start, but your future self will thank you for not leaving it till the last minute.  

Plan Your Time 

Revision can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to do everything all at once. A revision timetable can help you breakdown your revision into achievable bitesize pieces. Download the SU Advice timetable here.

Find a Technique that Works for You  

We all have a preferred way of learning and a way that we learn best. Maybe you’re a visual learner who works best with note-making and highlighting keywords, or maybe you work best in study groups with others to keep you motivated. There’s no one way to revise so give yourself time to find what works best for you.  

Take Regular Breaks  

There’s only so much your brain can take in during one sitting. Try to revise for shorter chunks of time and take frequent breaks to allow yourself the space to absorb what you’re learning. Remember there’s free tea and coffee in the SU Lounge for whenever you need a break. 

Minimise Distractions

If the temptation of your phone is strong, then take away the temptation! It’s all too easy to sit down to revise only to pick up your phone and start scrolling TikToks. Whether its your phone or the temptation to chat to housemates – try to minimise distractions.  

Look After Yourself 

Make sure to get rest and stay hydrated. If there are unforeseen circumstances or factors outside of your control which may have impacted your ability to study or perform at usual standard, speak to SU Advice.  

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