6 Uni Essentials you Might Forget to Pack

1. Hangers

Hangers are easy to forget about when you are stuffing all of your clothes into your suitcase and storage boxes… you may only remember them when you open your new wardrobe and the hanger free rail is staring back you. If you have space be sure to pack some so you aren’t left short (you may get lucky and the previous tenants may have left some behind, but there’s no guarantee!).

2. Slippers and Flip Flops

No matter how hard you try, your student accommodation will be messy at some points throughout the year- especially your kitchen and bathroom. Unless you like ruining your socks, invest in some comfy slippers or flip flops- you’ll thank us when you avoid stepping in any food or liquid on the floor.

3. Hot Water Bottle

We cannot do winter without the comfort of a hot water bottle, it’s great for cold evenings wrapped up on the sofa, on your lap while studying or writing up assessments, or for when you are feeling a bit run down.

4. Kitchen Essentials

A baking tray, a can opener, a pasta strainer and a thick oven glove are four kitchen essentials you need for your uni housing or accommodation, just trust us on this – a tea towel is not your friend when handling hot items.

5. Extension Leads

You never know how many plugs you will have in your room (or where they will be located) so it’s best to bring an extension lead to make sure you can power all your tech.

6. Small First Aid Kit

It’s a smart idea to have a small supply of paracetamol, throat lozenges, cough syrup, decongestants and vitamin C tablets for when you aren’t feeling 100%. You should also add blister plasters and plasters to this list- bumps and scrapes will happen throughout the year. Your roommates will thank you for being so prepared.

Happy Packing!

Did we leave anything out? Comment your suggestions below!

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