Meet the Researchers – Yi Zhao

A little later than anticipated, we are pleased to say hello to Yi, all the way from China!
Yi picture
I was born and raised in a city in the northwest of China called Lanzhou. After I received my bachelor degree in ecology from Lanzhou University, I moved to Hong Kong to start my master study in environmental engineering and management in Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. And after I finished my master study, I moved to Xiamen, China, worked as research assistant in Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Now I’m here in Copenhagen, employed as a PhD fellow in Department of Plant and Environmental Science, University of Copenhagen. The aim of my PhD project is to design an arsenic smartchip with high-throughput qPCR system and apply this new approach to investigate the arsenic genes in the contaminated soil and test different remediation.
It was a long journey for me to come to Copenhagen, however, the happiest country didn’t fail me. I enjoy the calm and relaxing environment here in Copenhagen very much. Beside academic work, I normally spend time on yoga and being with friends. Although moving to a different country with totally different culture can be a big challenge for me, but I am sure there are more exciting sides waiting for me.